• The First Step to Recovery in any diseases is to admit there is a problem.





    1. Avoid wireless when possible;

    2. Pick safer lightbulbs;

    3. Stay away from the circuit breaker;

    Main electrical and circuit breaker panels give off high EMF within 3 to 4 feet. Make sure your bed is safely distant, and keep in mind the panel may be on the floor above or below you or on the other side of a wall.

    4. Choose an old-school landline phone;

    5. Ban Bluetooth headsets;

    6. Skip your cell when the service is spotty;

    7. Do not wear your phone like a beeper;

    8. Keep your laptop off your lap;

    9. Unplug what you are not using;

    10. Think LCD over plasma;

    When it is time to upgrade your TV, choose an LCD (liquid crystal display) instead of plasma or the old CRT (cathode ray tube) models. LCDs emit much less radiation, and plasmas can give off transient pollution on your electrical wiring.

    11. Get your home tested;

    If you suspect that your home has high-EMF fields, check if your utility company conducts a room-by-room survey. It is usually free. Hot spots can be completely shielded with special coverings. If you discover high levels of dirty electricity, consider installing filters (capacitors) that plug into electrical outlets ($35 at

  • Once he or she admits to a problem, than the road to recovery is possible by breaking the denial barriers.

    Governor of Florida OUT of Denial

    Governor of Colorodo OUT of Denial

    Governor of Connecticut OUT of Denial

    Legal Decision on Mobile Phone Antennas

  • Thus, one of the biggest diseases society continues to face, is to deny that corruption exist with public officials, whom ever they may be.

  • There is no better example with the following information regarding CELL TOWER ANTENNAS wherein public officials are advocating for high power antenna systems in apartment blocks in the West End of Vancouver, British Columbia, knowing that too much radiation causes cancer and untimately death.

    High Tension Lines Risk Cancer

    Diabetes and ElectroMagnetic Fields Evidence

  • Please take the time to peruse this webpage and click on all the links in order to begin to understand how government and public officials and corporations work together for their own pockets, at the detriment of the people.

  • And after reading the information, J4Y invites readers to take action, by signing the following PETITION.


  • And for those living near power lines and cell phone towers and feel unwell, such for example:

  • body aches;

  • pressure in head;

  • throat problems;

  • chest pain;

  • dizziness;

  • nausea;

  • ringing in the ears;

  • excessive fatigue;

  • sleep disturbances;

  • red skin blothes; eczema;

  • Hot flashes, like burning sensation, etc ...

  • contact BC Centre for Disease Control/Radiation Protection Services at 604-660-6633; After hours Emergency line: 604-660-6633 and number Fax: 604-660-6628.

    The email address is: [email protected].

    And also advise your doctor of any ailments that you may have, which you did not have 6 to 12 months ago.

  • Read the TESTIMONY FROM DOMINIQUE, whose life has been turned into hell due to her sensitivity with EMF.

  • Click on the following link to know more about the effects of EMR:

    Common Symptoms of exposures to EMF or EMR

  • For those living in communities, with many highrise apartment buildings, such for example the West End of Vancouver, B.C., the amount of cell and internet tower antennaes on roof tops should shock you.

    In effect, due to the amount of cell phone antennaes in the West End, residents, in that particular community, are living in a microwave.

    Dirty Electricity and its Effects on Health

  • Following are some photos of the final stage of B.C. HYDRO and its new powered transformers, doubling the size of the electricity for 1395 BEACH AVE. Photos of two (2) separate candidates from the Provincial Green Party attended the installation on May 7, 2009 in protest of the cell phone antennas.

    200,000 Watts TRANSFORMERS

    B.C.HYDRO Electrical Upgrade of 200,000 Watts

  • In March of 2008, PAUL H. CODY using the name SUSAN WONG, decided to terrorize the community of the West End in Vancouver, British Columbia, by obtaining a permit from the CITY OF VANCOUVER to lease part of its property at 1395 BEACH AVE. to BELL MOBILITY for the purpose of installing a cell phone and internet tower antennas on the roof of a ten storey apartment with 90 units, and double the capacity of the electrical service, from 200,000 Watts to 400,000 Watts which is blasting radiation into the apartments of residents on three sides, approximately 60 meters away.

    Microwave Radiation 60 Meters Away

  • According to Frank Stromotich, who received his PhD in electrical engineering, the sort of electrical equipment built for the cell phone and internet antennnas at 1395 Beach Ave. in the underground garage, is not fit for a residential property.

    Electrical Equipment at 1395 Beach Ave.

  • Following is a drawing made by Dr. Frank Stromotich which represents the consequences of having radiation as close as 60 meters away, no matter the direction the cell antennas are pointing:

    Technical Engineering Drawing

    Pentagon View

  • It is a fact that Landlords make huge profits in leasing their property to cell phone companies and the landlord at 1395 Beach Ave. is no different than any other landlords.

  • The difference is what was installed at 1395 Beach Avenue is is too powerful for the building and as such hazardous to people living in ands around the property, within three to six blocks away.

  • Further BELL MOBILITY, apparently did not hire a qualified professional engineer to look at the envelope of the property, including the outside parking lot, which is causing water leaks in the underground parking garage , where BELL's equipment is located.

  • It is however common sense to know that it is BELL'S duty as a tenant, leasing part of the property, to maintain the waterproof integrity of the building and the outside parking lot and roof thereof at 1395 Beach Avenue, and except as prescribed by its work plans, no penetrations of the roof or exterior walls of the building should be permitted.

  • THE CITY OF VANCOUVER, BELL, BONNIEHON ENTERPRISES LTD, and BCHYDRO are knowingly being reckless, by turning a blind eye to serious water leaks at a property in complete disrepair, and as a result, THE CITY OF VANCOUVER, BELL, THE LANDLORD, and BCHYDRO are knowingly and intentionally putting each and every tenants and others, in and around the property, in serious danger.

  • The MINISTER INDUSTRY is responsible for regulating antenna system and the office of the ministry is pretending that it knows nothing beyond the 1,640 Watts that they have quoted Ms.Zanetti in an email.

  • Unlike however what THE MINISTER OF INDUSTRY tried to convey to Ms. Zanetti in 2008, BC HYDRO confirmed to her by email in May of 2008 the Electrical Voltage which shall service BELL'S wi-fi service on the roof of 1395 BEACH AVE.

  • According to Dr. Stromotich's calculation, from what he witnessed and from what was provided by both Bell and BCHydro, the upgrade is from 200 Kilowatts to 400 Kilowatts.

    1600A 120/208V to 400A 347/600V Underground

  • 600 x 400 x 1.732= 400,000 divided by 2 = 200,000 watts -- Equal amount for the apartments as before , and 200,000 for the antennas by Bell Mobility.

  • Hardly can the MINISTER INDUSTRY be unbiased when it was reported in the news that, OTTAWA is linked to cell phone lobbyists and this means that OTTAWA and municipalities around the country, won't apply the precautionary principle to protect people's health and rather do what every other governments in the past have done for profit, at the detriment of people's safety and security.

    Ottawa Linked to Cellphone Lobbyists

    The Use of Precautionary Principle

  • click in THE INVISBLE and watch attentively:


  • Subsequently, one does not have to be a rocket scientist to know, that doubling the size of the service to an apartment so that BELL MOBILITY can get its antenna systems pumping more radiation into this already overly serviced area in the West End of the CITY OF VANCOUVER, in effect aiding and abetting them in being the radiation bully in the West End, is a breach of the WESTRAY ACT provisions in the Criminal Code.

  • Incidentally, RALPH SULTAN a B.C. Liberal in the safe seat of West Vancouver Capilano, omitted in his campaign biography of 2009, the details of his mining career and being vice-president for CURRAGH RESOURCES, the company responsible for the 26 people dead in the coal mine in Nova Scotia.

  • Following is a document compiled by a reader of J4Y, which includes an article in the North Shore News about Mr. Sultan's involvement in the WESTRAY MINE. The same criminal negligence then were made by those involved, as they are made today regarding radiation and the health issues caused by EMR, including cancer:

    Liberal MLA and PEng Ralph Sultan


    Dangerous Radiation From Hidden Cell Phone Towers

  • If you wonder why there is hardly or no reporting on cell towers in Vancouver, note that BELL is proud to be a Premier National Partner and the exclusive Telecommunications Partner to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

  • Following is an article written by Charlie Smith of the GEORGIA STRAIGHT, regarding the cell phone tower antennas. The article was written in 2008, due to a letter sent to the then Mayor Sam Sullivan on April 24, 2008, from Ms. Tina Zanetti

    Resident Objects to Cellphone Towers in West End

  • The Following is a transmittor built in 2008 on the roof of 1395 Beach Ave. for the High Powered Antennas. The equipment held in that box is to operate the cell and internet antennas, which is built on a roof that is leaking:

    August 2008-Roof Top at 1395 Beach Ave

    2008 WI-FI tower in a Residential Zone

  • One year later after being continually misled and lied to by BELL MOBILITY and by the City of Vancouver and others involved in the project, in March of 2009, BC HYDRO and BCTC came in the alley of 1395 Beach Ave. preparing to change the transformers, in order to double the capacity of the electrical service for the apartment building.

  • Note that Justice4you refers to the project at 1395 Beach Ave. as FUND RAISING because the provincial elections were held on MAY 12, 2009 and not until March of 2009 did BC HYDRO returned to the property to finish the job of doubling the service size of electricity to accomodate the antenna system on the roof, without giving the residents of the community the right to a hearing:


    APRIL 2009-BC Hydro Preparing for Electrical Upgrade

  • On Tuesday, May 5th, 2009, in a notice from the landlord, the tenants were informed that on May 7, 2009, an electrical upgrade will take place at the property. The Property Management BONNIEHON MANAGEMENT INC. and the Landlord, BONNIEHON ENTERPRISES LTD. have intentionally concealed the fact that the electrical upgrade is for the wi-fi antennas and that the electrical upgrade will be doubled the load of the apartment building to accomodate a wi-fi antenna operation.

    Notice of Electrical Service Upgrade for May 7, 2009

  • BONNIEHON MANAGEMENT INC. and BONNIEHON ENTERPRISES LTD. also deceived its tenants last year when it posted a notice on the premises of 1395 BEACH AVE., by concealing the fact that the undergoing utility upgrade project was for a cell phone towers.

  • Following are notices from the landlord that gives no clue as to what the electrical upgrade was for:

    NOTICE from Landlord March 10, 08

    NOTICE from Landlord August 2008

  • The landlord BONNIEHON ENTERPRISES LTD, BELL MOBILITY, BC HYDRO, the CITY OF VANCOUVER , are all in breached of a contract, notwithstanding the fact that each and everyone of them are also criminally liable under the Westray Act.

  • It is worthy to note that the whole microwave wi-fi project in the WEST END began in 1991 at 1600 BEACH AVE. and than it worked its way to 1050 and 1150 BURNABY STREET without the consultation of the public and done in complete secrecy from all residents of the WEST END.

    Confirmation from City Plannner BOB ADAIR

  • The only reasonable explanation for concealing the truth from residents in the WEST END is because the large installations built in the West End is fit for an INDUSTRIAL ZONE and not fit for a rural area, and furthermore, the people involved in the project of wi-fi antennas, just like those involved in the WESTRAY MINE, knowingly are committing egregious criminal acts.

  • In year 2008, BC HYDRO installed huge transmittors on the roof of 1600 BEACH AVE., 1050 BURNABY and 1150 BURNABY AVE.

  • 1600 BEACH AVE, THE BEACH TOWERS, and 1050 and 1150 BURNABY STREET in the West End, are only a block or two away from 1395 BEACH AVE.

    Technical Engineering Drawing

  • With more cell towers in the WEST END, the residents are being seriously and at a rapid paste placed in a hazardous situation that will have dire consequences to their health.

    Common Symptoms of exposures to EMF or EMR

  • Following are precautionary measures required for anyone concerned about their safety, security and health. It is to be noted however that those living at 1395 BEACH AVE. and within three blocks of the property are at high risk in getting very sick.


  • Following is BC HYDRO excavating in the alley of 1395 Beach Ave:

    Sept 2008 - BCHYDRO's Work Project

  • Following is a PUBLIC WARNING for the residents in the WEST END regarding BCHydro's deceptive practice.


  • Letters and emails to the present Mayor of the City of Vancouver, GREGOR ROBERTSON and to city council and to the newly appointed city manager Dr. PENNY BALLUM a Gynecologist, continues to be delivered, with attached documents, asking to cease and desist the fund raising in the back alley of 1395 Beach Ave. and to review the densely over populated West End and its wi-fi towers, especially in and around 1395 Beach Ave.

  • Dr. Penny Ballum replied in the latter part of April 2009 to Ms. Zanetti, claiming she and the Mayor would be reviewing her submissions.

  • Evidently , Dr. Penny Ballum was not quite candid, since, according to the notice from the landlord, attached herein, BCHydro went ahead with the expansion of the high powered radiation system in the WEST END.

    Letter served on DAVID EMERSON -- Executive Chair and CEO of BCTC

    Correspondences to Mayor GREGOR ROBERSTON and city Manager Dr. PENNY BALLUM

    Email April, 30, 09 to City Manager Dr. Ballum

  • Following was another email dated May 5, 09, asking Gyn Dr. Ballum, to forward the email to CEO of BCHydro, MOSSADIQ UMEDALY:

    Email May 5, 2009 to City Manager Dr. Ballum

  • It is to be noted that after having written to Mayor Sullivan on April 2008, the city Manager Judy Rogers did not allow the landlord to proceed with the project in upgrading the electrical service from 200,000 Watts to 400,000 Watts, until the new city manager Dr. Penny Ballum, liberal appointee of GORDON CAMBPELL, and appointed this year by new Mayor, GREGOR ROBERTSON, took office.


  • Following is an email dated May 5, 2009, to Dr. DAVID SUZUKI, who is now part of Mayor Robertson's newly Minted Greenest City Action Team.

  • Dr. SUZUKI, who was quoted to say in the seventies that, we are all fruit flies, and is the most remarkable person for Canadian integrity, was invited by Ms. Zanetti, to attend the May 7, 2009 BCHydro event at 1395 Beach Avenue.

  • Dr. SUZUKI did not show up on May 7, nor did he send anyone at the site with a canister of fruit flies, nor did any other professionals, having full knowledge of the egregious action of BCHydro, showed up, including Dr. Frank Stromotich, who was instrumental in informing J4Y of the danger with the project at 1395 Beach Ave.

    Email to Dr. DAVID SUZUKI May 5, 09

    We are all Fruit Flies

  • Chairman and CEO of BCHydro, MOSSADIQ UMEDALY, who is on board of the Business Council on Sustainability with the DAVID SUZUKI FOUNDATION, wants British Columbia to be wireless everywhere and he has no problem turning an apartment block into a radiation antenna tower.


  • Nikolas Tesla is best known for many revolutionary contributions in the field of electricity and magnetism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Tesla did not use radiation to slowly kill people.


  • The following map is a good indication on how the Canadian Cancer Society can know that 1 in 3 Canadians will be afflicted with cancer.

    Keep in mind that the bulk of the money given for Cancer research, goes in the pockets of the haves and not for a cure, for the cure would be to STOP the Radiation of America.

    Canadian Cellular Towers Map

  • The Mayor of the second largest city in Calvados is going to remove the wi-fi network from local schools and other Mayors in France are following suit.

    News Release

    News Release 2

  • Health Canada is not on side with the International bodies regarding cell phone towers, and as result Canada is completely reckless in ignoring scientific studies which shows the danger of radiation on people's health.


  • International Bodies are cognizant of the bodily harm caused by EMR. Following is a report worth reading:

    European Parliament Report

  • Every other countries, except for Canada, are consulting with qualified professionals, regarding the threat of radiation.


    EPHESIANS ch. 5-11 to 5-13 said it best when keeping secrets:

    Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead expose them;

    for it is disgraceful even to speak of the things which are done by them in secret;

    But all things become visible when they are exposed by the light, for everything that becomes visible is light.

    And 1 Timothy 5:20: "When they sin, rebuke them in the presence of all that the rest also may have fear"

    John 15:5: "Without me you can do nothing"

  • Every other countries, except for Canada, are consulting with qualified professionals, regarding the threat of radiation.

    The following links is for the readers consideration.



    The Radiation and Poisonous of America



  • Justice is a conscience, not a personal conscience but conscience of the whole of the humanity.
    Those who clearly recognize the voice of their own conscience usually recognize also the voice of Justice.
    Alexander Solzhenitsyn