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Justice4you declares that NO person, individual, corporation, government, bureaucrat, priest, preacher, censor, political candidate, et. al., has any privilege or right to infringe upon this website's freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of expression, freedom of ideas, freedom of opinions, and any other freedom Justice4you decides to utilize.

Any and all attempts to limit, impede, restrict, and/or deny free speech and press are dictatorial and totalitarian in nature. There are plenty of well-phrased reasons by well-meaning people for wanting to restrict certain speech and press, but eventually any limitation leads to and is oppression.

Never allow anyone to confuse the issues of free speech and press with the issues of slander and libel. These are two distinct and separate issues, respectively, and the distinctness is what protects another person from real damage, yet still allows true freedom of speech and press.

To understand these freedoms, you must also realize that Justice4you is speaking of an individual's freedoms.

Freedoms that come from being born human. People and persons inside corporations and some organizations have given up their individuality, in favor of certain 'benefits' given to corporations and organized associations, by law and governments.

When speaking or writing in a capacity for their organization or corporation, they are given over to what is termed 'commercial speech' and as such is not a protected speech of any bill of rights or declaration of rights.

Corporations are not a person or persons, but are all the persons involved, as one, in a creation by a law of government, not a natural law. The same person can speak 'outside his commercial arena,' however, and all his speech or writing would be respected under his birthright or declarations.

Unorganized associations, usually have no 'extra benefit' of law and government, and all their speech or press would be 'natural' as individual persons. It would take many web pages to actually teach or explain how and why 'commercial speech' falls differently, but judges are well versed in the difference.

Justice4 could cite the Canadian Bill of Rights, the Magna Cartaand usually reaffirmed by State and Province documents, etc. and Justice4you claim all these but its primary rights are rights for all humans born on this planet. These human rights are instilled from our birth and buried deeply in our soul, and none of the so-called human rights declarations by any form of legitimate government or the illegitimate ones have any 'right giving' qualities, but are only written affirmations of what we as humans are born with.

To limit these freedoms and impede our happiness is damaging the souls of humans.

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Justice is a conscience, not a personal conscience but conscience of the whole of the humanity.
Those who clearly recognize the voice of their own conscience usually recognize also the voice of Justice.
Alexander Solzhenitsyn