British Columbia Lawyer R. Keith Oliver

Following are two separate complaints made against members of the bar of British Columbia, R. Keith Oliver,, and William Cadman, who, as far as the evidence shows and as far as Mr. Harold Gaffney and Mr. ANTHONY JASICH's are concerned, engaged in foreclosure and mortgage fraud.

Justice4you's involvement with the case herein began when Mr. Keith Oliver provided the wife of Mr. Gaffney, SHEILA GAFFNEY with bad legal advise in and around 2004 or earlier.

Mr. Gaffney, prior to his complaint to the law society against Keith Oliver, wrote two separate Demand Letters to him and to William Cadman.

Given the lack of honesty from both members of the bar, Mr. Gaffney and Mr. Anthony Jasich separately wrote letters of complaints to LSBC .

  • Mr. Jasich's separate Complaint Against member R. Keith Oliver was delivered to the LSBC on Nov. 11, 2009 and a LETTER OF RESPONSE from the LSBC, was delivered to Mr. Jasich on Nov. 12, 2009, advising him that, "It may take up to eight weeks for your file to be reviewed at which time you will be contacted again. Your anticipated patience with our process is appreciated."

    Mr. Jasich responded in writing to Ms. Knights, by setting some of the LSBC's error of facts.

  • The two (2) months came and still no letters from the LSBC until Jasich wrote back to Ms. Knights and soon thereafter a letter, dated Jan. 28, 2010 from Susanne Raab, for the LSBC, was delivered to Jasich in response to his complaint against R. Keith Oliver.

  • Ms. Raab's defence for Attorney R. Keith Oliver is to say that OLIVER had no reason to provide JASICH with his Statement of Adjustments because JASICH was not the lawyer of record for Mr. Gaffney's property.

  • According to Susanne Raab, the TRUST ACCOUNTS of R. Keith Oliver and Attorney WILLIAM CADMAN would not be investigated until after Jasich's CITATION, leading any reasonable person to conclude that the LSBC was pushing to get JASICH on side and to stop him from proceeding with the complaint.

  • Ms. Raab delivered a Letter back dated Feb. 25, 2010 and mailed it on March 1, 2010 to Gaffney, and to Oliver: Letter to OLIVER from RAAB

    On March 2, 2010 Raab alerted OLIVER in a LETTER that he could wait until April 14, 2010, to respond to two (2) separate complaints against him made by JASICH and by Harold Gaffney.

    Keith Oliver, in a Letter Dated March 4, 2010, to the LSBC, in response to two separate complaints from Mr. Jasich and Mr. Gaffney, confessed to half of his crime, leaving out the fraudulent e-conveyance.

  • Half of a Confession from Oliver

    Ms. Zanetti responded to Mr. Oliver's letter in an Affidavit to the Law Society of BC by debunking Oliver's version of events.

    The LSBC injected another lawyer to the file. His name, Mr. Michael Rhodes, called to the bar in 1991 and is part of the Professional Conduct Dept. for the LSBC

    On Friday, Sept. 24, 2010, Rhodes delivered to Mr. Gaffney a Letter, dated Sept. 23, 2010, with enclosures to Mr. Rhodes letter in three separate PDF files, to be read consecutively.

  • In Enclosures1 Oliver tries to bluff his way with the LSBC and anyone else that stands in the way of his crime.

  • Rules of Taxing Costs for lawyers are clear in BC and across Canada and there are no exceptions.

  • Mr. Oliver, who refused to provide his Statement of Adjustments to Mr. Gaffney and to Mr. Anthony Jasich, had an obligation under the rules of court to set out an appointment with the registrar. Mr. OLiver refused to supply Mr. Gaffney with documents, showing proof of the sale of his property.

  • Oliver failed, in the time limits requirement, to tax his costs and in the process violated all the rules, including and not limited to, Rule 57 (3) relating to Special Costs. Oliver determined that Special Costs against Mr. Gaffney was in the amount of over $10,000.00.

  • In the event Oliver would have taken the time to carefully read Rule 57 (3) he would have been required to make the case that the allegations made by Mr. Gaffney regarding Keith Oliver and others, were obviously unfounded, reckless and made with malice. However Oliver was and is in no position to make any legal and legitimate moves to go before the registrar, as the allegations of Mr. Gaffney against Oliver and others, as evidence shows, were proven to be truthful and factual.

  • Having said that,the only body that can save Oliver his the LSBC by trying to twist the laws.

  • Oliver in Enclosures2 continued to argue his case with dirty hands, as Mr. Gaffney repeatedly said to each and every justice he went before, "He's in the court with dirty hands, no case laws and comes in without supportive evidence."

  • In Enclosures3 Mr. Rhodes included a Letter to Mr. Jasich, dated on September 23, 2010.

    Rhodes' Letter said that he would correspond directly with Mr. Gaffney regarding the complaints rather than with Mr. Jasich, unless Mr. Gaffney signed their consent form that would give the LSBC the full control of the files.

    The Demand Letter of Mr. Rhodes to Jasich was easy to miss, since it was included amongst the evidence of Oliver. Nonetheless Mr. Jasich picked up Mr. Rhodes letter in his mail box on September 27, 2010.

  • Jasich delivered a Letter in response to Michael Rhodes' Demand Letter advising him that the LSBC's double standards is not within the guidelines of the legal profession.

    Amazing how the Law Society of British Columbia really wants this matter to go away, as it took Mr. Rhodes almost four months, to the date Keith Oliver delivered further response to the complaint made separately against him by Mr. Gaffney and Mr. Jasich.

  • As predicted, the Law Society of British Columbia as an operative public body, turned a blind eye to the crimes committed by two members, acting like members of organized crime.

    Mr. Herman Van Ommen, bencher for the LSBC, was the final lawyer positioned to investigate Keith Oliver and to make sure he would be exonorated. In Van Ommen's report Oliver committed a crime but not big enough to merit a citation.

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