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We are standing taller by those who have gone before us and done the work John Carten has done.

His following email in 2002 to the Security Excahnge Commission in Washington D.C. is a classic and it should be a reminder that money laundering and fraud committed by members of the bar, government officials, and other insiders-professionals is sloughed off by law enforcement and by the Attorney General.

From: John Carten

Sent: Wednesday, December 18, 2002 11:50 AM

To: [email protected]

Subject: File No 57-45-02 Submission on Professional Conduct for Attorneys

December 17, 2002

Securities Exchange Commission

Washington, D.C.

Attention Jonathan G. Katz, Secretary

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Re: Professional Conduct for Attornies - A Dissenting Canadian

I am prompted to write you as a result of reading an article in the December 17, 2002, issue of the Globe and Mail, published in Canada, and having observed remarks attributed to Mr. Simon Potter speaking on behalf of the Canadian Bar Association in relation to the implementation of Professional Conduct Standards for Attornies by the SEC.

According to the Globe and Mail, "Mr.Potter said, the SEC "may rest assured" that Canadian lawyers are already subject to strict ethical rules".

With respect, I suggest that while Mr. Potter may be correct "in theory" he is incorrect "in practice".

As a result on my personal involvement acting for the victims of a stock market swindle carried out with the assistance of Canadian lawyers, I can assure the Securities Exchange Commission that Canadian lawyers do engage in fraudulent activities. Unfortunately, professional policing bodies in Canada and the local police, who have the responsibility of enforcing the Criminal Code, turn a blind to much of this professional fraud.

The City of Vancouver, where I presently live, has developed an international reputation for stock market fraud, money laundering and other forms of cross border crime due to friendly treatment of individuals engaged in such activities by our courts and our legal profession.

As an example, I am pleased to attach a copy of a Police Report that I prepared and filed with the local police forces requesting and investigation and prosewcution of a case of fraud, perjury and obstruciton of justice by a government employed lawyer who resorted to the use of fraud to cover up criminal wrong doing by members of the legal profession.

For several months, I had attempted to persuade the Law Society of British Columbia to investigate the actions of the lawyer who carried out these crimes but the investigator assigned to the case refused to interview any of the several witnesses I had identified for him and who would likely have provided evidence against the lawyer in question.

The complaint was mailed to the RCMP and the Victoria City Police on December 12, 2002, after the Law Society of British Columbia advised me they were intending to close the investigation without interviewing any of the witnesses.

Accordingly, I urge the Securities Exchange Commission to implement rule changes which would apply to Canadian lawyers who are largely unpoliced..

Yours very truly,



Crime & corruption

William Miossi


February 29 2008

An unsealed indictment in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York named 62 defendants and charged various racketeering acts by the Gambino crime family, including murder, extortion, embezzlement, loan sharking, gambling, and money laundering. According to the indictment, in one of the alleged schemes, contractors stole from the benefit funds of International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 282 by underreporting working hours and thus evading benefit contribution requirements.

Additionally, the indictment charged that officials of two locals of the Laborers International Union collaborated with other defendants on a variety of corruption schemes. United States v. Agate.

Defendant, Michael Mickey Annucci, was convicted by a federal jury on charges related to his role in a scheme to defraud union benefit funds in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Annucci, a former shop steward for the Carpenters and Joiners of America Local 157 had omitted more than 22,000 hours from his shop steward report for a Manhattan job site of L&D Installers Inc., prosecutors charged.

The under-reporting enabled the employer to cheat the benefit funds of contributions owed and carpenters on the job were paid lower wages and lost credit toward pension, vacation, and retirement benefits, prosecutors said.

Kyle Batts, a former secretary-treasurer for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 738, pled guilty to embezzling more than $40,000 from the union over a three-year period by using a union credit card to buy personal goods and services for himself.


A letter to the Editor of the Georgia Straight

Lawyers Pursue Rumsfeld to Court

In reference to Lawyers Pursue Rumsfeld to Court

I am always amazed by Canadian lawyers and Organizations, who rather go abroad to look for injustice than fight for injustice that occurs right here in Canada.

In reading Charlie Smiths article, I have no reason to believe that Ms. Gail Davidson, a member of the B.C. bar since 1979, is truly concern about a widespread system of torture used in prisons outside the U.S. against people who were not U.S. citizens otherwise she would report about our own system of prisons in Canada, namely for starters Pre-trial centres where many accused are detained for months and years without bail, being guilty before being pronounced innocent.

I have also reached a reasonable conclusion that Ms. Gail Davidson appears to find it easier and much safer to point fingers to other countries than to risk being chastised by her own colleagues and by the Provincial Attorney General of B.C. and the Crowns office, who are notorious in hiding the truth from all residents of BC about the justice system in this province.

Subsequently, I challenge those like Ms. Davidson, who lay claim against the Bush administration for cruelty, to go and talk with inmates in the Pre-Trail centres across British Columbia starting with a woman by the name of Dr. Nathalie Gettliffe,

Lettre from Prison to husband Francis Gruzelle

Letter from Dr. Gettliffe to the Prison Warden

Dr. Gettliffe's Blog

who has been detained without bail for over seven months on a charge of alleged abduction of her two children, and as a result has been subjected to cruel and unusual punishment by the system in British Columbia, namely the Attorney General of B.C. and the Crown Counsel�s office.

The treatment received by those involved in the case of Dr. Gettliffe, including her own lawyers, by orders of the Executive Branch of British Columbia and of Canada, is part and parcel to the new world order and I say Ms. Davidson and other organizations involved are a party to willingly and otherwise knowingly of setting up the new world order without borders. Dr. Gettliffe and many others like her deserve protection from our law and not the other way around.

Ms. Davidson is trying hard to make the case for no borders and while I am on the record to say that I am against any system of torture occurring in prisons from other countries, I am much more concern with whats going on in our own back yard with our own justice system, including the system of torture used against inmates in pre-trials.

Tina Zanetti


The following letter was sent on Monday, November 20th 2006, from Louis Ripault, a private investigator working on behalf of Dr. Gettliffe's family.

The letter is addressed to the high commissioner of the Human Rights Commission Miguel De la Lama, wherein Louis advises him of the following--English Translation--

I have just learned that Nathalie's baby was the object of two attempted strangulation from an inmate in prison.

This underlines the urgency of an intervention from the High Commissioner of seeing Louise Arbour in person.

These attempts were acted by a co-inmate whose own child was taken away.

The answer from the authorities on this matter was to place the co-inmate in another building and to hand over to Nathalie Gettliffe a key to her cell and to the building.

This now makes Nathalie appear in the eyes of all inmates like a "guard without arms".

We understand with her being awake every hour in the night by the guards and the pressure from her own lawyers that she ended up pleading guilty.

You had attempted this summer to pass this matter to a service of emergency who did not recognize the importance of accelerating an intervention. So what are we to think now?

I advise you of your obligations to advise Louise Arbour of this matter.

The Attorney General of BC has all the power to stop the grave violations done on Nathalie and her children. Why then is he covering up the violations?

Louis Ripault

Justice is a conscience, not a personal conscience but conscience of the whole of the humanity.
Those who clearly recognize the voice of their own conscience usually recognize also the voice of Justice.
Alexander Solzhenitsyn