Jack Johnson

Why Jack Johnson?

Jack Johnson, a heavy weight champion, (1907) in a time where coloured people were being lynched, is a universal story.

Every man ought to have the courage of Jackson and not bow down to an oppressive establishment.

Late Karl Eisbrenner wrote:

Law can never divide power

Law can distribute power

Divide and Conquer

cannot come into the arena

multiplication and division and addition and subtraction only one appears in creation...

>,,, be fruitful and multiply...>

KARL HEINZ EISBRENNER was in many ways like Jack Johnson, a fighter who did not bow down to pressure and threats from a Law Society he had belonged to since year 1993.

  • The Late Karl Heintz Eisbrenner's Story

    Ken Burns, producer and director of Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson said the following in respect to Jackson:

    Any serious study of American history inevitably engages the question of race and the monumental hypocrisy born at our founding; the existence of slavery in a country that had just proclaimed to the world that "all men are created equal...

    " In the story of Jack Johnson, these questions come to a profound crux.

    This is not just a story of supreme athletic achievement, nor even just a story of sex, black and white relationships, which got Johnson into so much trouble.

    It's not even wholly about race, though Johnson's "unforgivable blackness" propels this extraordinary story.

    In the end this is a story about freedom, and one black man's insistence that he be able to live a life nothing short of that of a free man.

    Jack Johnson was a true American hero that was one of the worlds greatest boxers of all time.

    Johnson inspired many black people to never give up something even if many people are against you because with a little faith and hard work it can really pay off.

    Jack Johnson was a controversial figure that angered many white Americans but also helped to unite the black race in America.

    Johnson absolutely refused to play by the rules set by the white establishment, or even those of the black community.

    In that sense, he fought for freedom not just as a black man, but as an individual. -Ken Burns-


    By no stretch of the imagination was Jack Johnson a perfect man, but he was a very courageous man, who fought for his place in this world, in a time where America and the white anglo saxon world viewed coloured people as "niggers".

    Justice4you honours men like Jack Johnson.

    Unforgivable Blackness

  • Justice is a conscience, not a personal conscience but conscience of the whole of the humanity.
    Those who clearly recognize the voice of their own conscience usually recognize also the voice of Justice.
    Alexander Solzhenitsyn