CIBC General Counsel Michael Capatides and BLG

It appears that when it comes to fraud, Canada is the incubator state for the lower 48 --- best evidence of which is the by-laws of the International Insolvency Institute Global, first based at Fordham University in New York, and now in Washington, D.C., is distinctly Canadian - dated year 2000, whereas the first annual conference was in June 2001, as evidenced by close examination of the by-laws themselves;

International Insolvency Institute Global was started at the 300 anniversary of the 1701 Act of Settlement conference, whose theme was judicial independence, in Vancouver B.C. on May 2001.

The 2009 International Insolvency Institute Conference was at Columbia University and in 2010 it is in Rome Italy.

In 1996, rather than chose a lawyer from Canada, CIBC cleverly chose New York State Attorney Michael Capatides, who became the general counsel with CIBC wherein (1), ENRON was just a science fiction name; (2) Grand Cayman had no Canadian judges; and (3) ERON MORTGAGE was already a known Vancouver based $200 million fraud.

As a result of CIBC's clever pick, it appears that Attorney Mr. Michael Capatides was the visionary behind CIBC's role in the Enron Fraud; a person of influence in getting the International Bar Association ("IBA"), convention in Vancouver, British Columbia, 13-18 September 1998, attended by more than 3,000 lawyers, and the creator of the Vancouver Desk.

It was in Vancouver at the 1998 IBA that General counsel Michael Capatides CIBC's law firm's role, boosting CIBC's Davis & Company, ( Alexander Henderson, Martin Taylor, and Dale Sanderson to Grand Cayman Court and CIBC appears to have switched residential mortgage fraud to Borden Ladner Gervais (BLG), then known as LADNER DOWNS.

New York State Attorney Michael Capatides himself is the best evidence that the 2004 Undertakings to Reform - pa. 61, agreed to by CIBC , imposed on it by former AG of New York Eliot Spitzer, and SEC as part of a settlement, were an ephemeral thing in Mr. Capatides' mind and the $80 Million CIBC paid, was a license to commit further crimes.

  • In fact in 2003 it was reported that, Former NY Attorney General Eliot Spitzer exposed the mutual fund scandal, when he arrested a CIBC executive PAUL FLYNN, a Canadian, for stealing more than $1 million.

  • New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer had said that he had a memo from PAUL FLYNN which described to others at the bank HOW TO BREAK THE LAW AND ENGAGE IN THE ILLEGAL TRADING!

  • Spitzer later dropped all charges agaisnt PAUL FLYNN, a Canadian, who worked in CIBC's New York office and was evidently the scapegoat for attorneys at CIBC who ostensibly have instructed some of CIBC's employees on how to break the laws to defraud their clients.

  • On July 25, 2005, CIBC confirmed it would pay US $125 million to settle the investigation into its role in the Mutual fund scam.

  • This was the first case in what would become one of the largest scandals in the history of Wall Street and while attorneys behind the scene continue to enjoy immunity from Attorney Generals in the USA and in Canada, the financial crises, witnessed all over the world in 2009, could not have occured without lawyers driving the bus.

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    Stock Broker Fraud

    Suffice to say, Mr. Michael Capatides must have known, when he selected Canada's biggest and most aggressive law firm BLG, 750 strong, CIBC's main law firm, that they had ten (10) years of experience in residential property cross-border crime, having defrauded octogenarian Wilbert Owen Kennedy of Bellingham, Washington, of his vacant lot in Vancouver, B.C. on 29 December 1998 and that lawyer Mark V. Lewis was giving courses at the Law Society of British Columbia on how to transfer property quicker and slicker.

    It was in fact reported in the NorthShoreNews that Mark V. Lewis appears to have used used a prima facie fraudster, as a front man, for defrauding Mr. Kennedy of his property.

  • Mr. Lewis told the police then that he worked in the real estate transaction but "never actually met" the client. Other people at the law firm met the fraudster client, but reported that Lewis said, "he would not release that information nor would his firm provide a description of the person in question".

  • The fraud on Mr. Kennedy was a sophisticated crime done by lawyers who disclosed too much, including witnessing the fraudster signing the requisite conveyancing documents for the property.

  • The fraudster returned the transfer to Ladner Downs who in turn sent the transfer for filing and registration to the New Westminster/Vancouver Land Title Office and on January 6, 1999, the New Westminster/Vancouver Land Title Office registered the transfer and subsequently registered the Mortgage.

  • Interesting that no lawyers involved in the fraudulent conveyance of Mr. Kennedy's property were disciplined by the bar or even investigated by law enforcement, notwithstanding the fact that Virginia Lang, who was not called as a defendant in Mr. Kennedy's case, retired from the Society of Notaries on 17 August 1999, just four (4) years as a notary when she allowed her name to be used to seal the deal for Lander Downs;

  • J4Y was informed that Mr. Kennedy received a settlement for his property which half came from the Defendants and the other half came for the land transfer insurance;

    New York State Attorney Michael Capatides must have known, when he hired BLG, based on the property transfer fraud committed against octogenarian Wilbert Owen Kennedy that CIBC was now plugged-in directly to property transfer fraud on-line with BC Online, who had set-up a fraudulent property transfer scheme where no signatures were needed: A lawyer could purport buyers with fictitious names and transfer property with no-signatures by the true buyer or true seller.

    Mr. ANTHONY JASICH's a retired member of the Law Society of BC, believes that his client, HAROLD GAFFNEY, is a victim of Foreclosure Scam by way of Bankrutpcy and Mortgage Fraud.

    A Letter was delivered by Mr. Gaffney to President Barak Obama outlining some of his concerns regarding CIBC.

    J4Y was informed by Mr. Gaffney that he also delivered a Complaint letter to the Law Society of British Columbia (LSBC) regarding Attorney D. ROSS MCGOWAN of the Canadian law firm Borden Ladner Gervais (BLG), acting for CIBC.

    Mr. Gaffney, prior at making his complaint to the LSBC says that he delivered a Demand Notice to Ross McGowan, regarding bills of exchange held in trust for CIBC by BLG.

    The gist of the Complaint to the LSBC against Ross McGowan was that,

    CIBC allegedly altered money orders payable to CIBC MORTGAGES INC. and applied the bills of exchange to Mr. Gaffney's CIBC personal loan, without his consent, and Mr. McGowan was holding in trust for his client CIBC, circa $10,000.00 in certified money orders.

    As per Mr. Gaffney, it appears the LSBC contacted Mr. McGowan since soon thereafter Mr. Gaffney faxed his complaint to the LSBC Mr. McGowan delivered his response with his drafted release form for his client CIBC and for CIBC MORTGAGES INC.

    It appears that based on Mr. McGowan's response he tried to get Mr. Gaffney to signed his drafted Release form for the purpose of exonerating CIBC and CIBC MORTGAGES INC and some of its CIBC employees, of alleged criminal offences committed under the Criminal Code of Canada and under the Bills and Exchange Act.

    In September of 2008, Mr. Ross McGowan, while acting for CIBC released a Newsletter, commenting on the law of "certifed Cheques".

    Thus it begs the question as to whether Attorney Ross McGowan advised CIBC's employees and the onsite lawyer Stephen Alsace, to alter the "certifed Cheques" of Mr. Gaffney, payable to CIBC MORTGAGES INC. and to apply the funds of the mortgage payments to Mr. Gaffney's personal loan, without the consent of Mr. Gaffney, so that CIBC could foreclose on Mr. Gaffney's property?

    It further begs the question as to whether Attorney Ross McGowan did in fact conduct himself in the same fashion as former executive CIBC PAUL FLYNN wherein it was reported that he advised others at CIBC on "HOW TO BREAK THE LAW AND ENGAGE IN THE ILLEGAL TRADING!" In this case ENGAGING IN THE ILLEGAL ALTERATIONS OF BILLS OF EXCHANGE!

    Mr. Gaffney did deliver a letter to the LSBC with the release form drafted by Mr. McGowan and soon thereafter the LSBC, specifically, Shelly Ion Responded to Mr. Gaffney, by finding no wrong doing on the part of Mr. Ross McGowan.

    J4Y was informed that on September 9, 2009 Carole Taylor Joined BLG, where she serves as a senior advisor on public policy, corporate governance, economic and trade matters.

    Coincidentally, Mr. Gaffney had delivered a Letter to Carole Taylor, when she was B.C. Financial Minister by informing her of the alleged fraud perpetrated on him by CIBC members of the bar and the New Westminster Land Title Office in which she was in charge of at the time.

    Ms. Taylor soon thereafter resigned from her position of BC Finance Minister, alleging she wanted to spend more time with her husband, family and new home in California.

    So long as lawyers continue to enjoy complete immunity from their crimes, the rise in criminal activity by the banks will only escalate.

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    Foreclosure Scam by Way of Bankruptcy Fraud

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