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The following is a letter written to Ron Branson of Jail4judges from a Judge who has omitted his name for obvious reasons.

You will note that judges, rather than resign from the bench, and expose the fraud, they rather continue until retirement in order to collect on their pensions

Whereas the following letter may say a lot about the Justice System, it also says a lot about the writer of the letter.

Until people in postion of trust choose money as oppose to principles and justice, the nonesense going on in the justice system, will continue.

What is required is men and women in positions of power to stop participating in the erosion of our democracy.

Senior Judge Exposes The Judicial System

"I will be leaving the bench in a year and a half. I am not at all pleased with the way things have gone in this state, and the direction the courts have gone. .... There is so much wrong, and I am so powerless and worn down, I just don't want to spend what little strength I have left trying to buck the system.

Like the movie scene from Thelma & Louise, where they realize they are trapped and they floor the gas pedal and drive over a cliff, I feel that the whole system is headed for a breakdown (and deservedly so, for the way it has been mismanaged, and the lack of moral and ethical values, and the astounding lack of practical, common sense).

My only comfort is that I will jump out and be well clear of its collection of fools before they disappear in the cloud of confusion and drive over the edge.

I am divorced from the local political scene, and take no joy nor interest in the skullduggery among that ilk. I am just waiting until I can turn in my keys and be a man of leisure, like yourself, even if I never amount to anything.

At least I'll have the last laugh, as they send me my retirement checks and I will, at long last, be out from under the cloak which has not allowed me to express opinions or state my views for fear that it would be reported and be interpreted as improper judicial conduct.

I've got a lot of bottled up feelings which I'm not allowed to express. Maybe then, I will be able to do so. Until then, it is low profile and make no waves. ....

Keep being who you are, and I will continue to hold you in respect for being the goad in the side of those who practice hypocrisy."

I. M. Anonymous, Senior Judge

Serving Somewhere In The USA