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Following is Dr. David Kuntz's reply to what Ms. Zanetti wrote to the Canadian Bar Association:

Hello Tina Zanetti,

Lawyers are little more than clerks who prey upon their clients, pretend to knowledge they do not have, play evidence like a deck of cards, and sell their clients to the highest bidder.

There is nothing in place to make them accountable as they are being bribed to withhold evidence to ensure a wrongful conviction against the clients they "pretend to defend."

Lawyer are judges in embryo and when they get appointed to the bench to do favors for their old clients and confreres, there is no official body in place willing to expose an unethical lawyer who withholds evidence to obtain a wrongful conviction against the client he is pretending to defend.

There is no whistleblower protection for lawyers who would expose their confreres for abuse of authority because if the crimes of lawyers against their clients are prosecuted, it would bankrupt the lawyers' legal malpractice defense fund and that would cost all lawyers who would be required to pay up to $150,000 in insurance premiums annually just as orthopaedic surgeons or neurosurgeons are required to pay in Florida as a result of the judicial malpractice.

Since 14% of all Members of Parliament are lawyers, they are all sitting in conflict of interest by failing to recuse themselves while making laws which benefit lawyers including themselves when they leave politics.

Any lawyer who tries to restore justice to the system is quickly removed as a whistleblower because "justice" would interfere with the cash flow of the majority of lawyers who are stealing from insurance funds or earning their money by influence peddling to obstruct justice.

There is a solution to judicial malpractice. No lawyer appointed to sit as a judge should be allowed to sit in the same province where he practiced as a lawyer.

No judge should be allowed to hear any case in his new province where any of the plaintiffs or defendants have retained lawyers from a law firm affiliated with his old law firm in his home province.

All lawyers should be forced to list all their former clients, law firms and confreres.

Judges should be forced by law to identify all their previous clients while practising law because they cannot be relied upon to admit to conflicts nor will they recuse themselves when requested after their conflict surfaces.

The solution is to develop a parallel justice system run by the public where lawyers and judges have no status or ability to cover up for lawyers and judges caught influence peddling, withholding evidence, or sitting in conflict of interest.

This citizens justice forum should report publicly and directly to Parliament which should exclude all sitting MP's who are lawyers in required votes to recommend removal of the rights of lawyers and judges caught abusing authority from all further usage of the publicly funded court facilities.

The Canadian Judicial Council should be disbanded because it serves as an early warning system for aberrant judges who then stalk their critics from the bench as their confreres on the Council cover up to avoid embarassment to the judiciary.

I have had personal experience of complaining to the CJC about law-breaking judges where the CJC covered up for them. Three of these judges then re-appeared in conflict to sit in judgment of me and harm their critic. Two of them were specifically asked to recuse themselves and refused - they wanted to punish me for reporting them to the CJC and make an example that Canada does not tolerate whistleblowers on the judiciary.

Dr. J.D. Kuntz M.D., F.R.C.S.